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Best Sunglasses

01Celeb Favorite Sunglasses

When both Rihanna and Bella Hadid wear the same trend in the span of one week, you know it's going to be big. Both style icons are making a case for the end of round and cat-eye sunglasses and the beginning of '90s-inspired rectangular shades.

02Worthy Sunglasses For Summer

No summertime Instagram photo feels complete without a striking pair of shades to seal the deal on that double-tap from your followers. Sure, everyone should have his or her classic frame nailed down that favorite round black pair.

03Radar Sunglass Brands

If sunglasses have been falling a little short on your to-buy radar, you might want to think again. And no, we're not about to spout off the health benefits of protecting your retinas (though, you should!).

04New Pair Of Sunglasses

Karen Walker's campaigns have featured some major talent: adorable toddlers, Ari Seth Cohen's Advanced Style crew, and Instagram famous pup Toast Meets World, are among a few of our favorites. But for her latest collection.

05Taking Over Our Closets

Gigi Hadid practically never leaves her house without a pair of oversized frames. And as we've seen with her penchant for Krewe, once the model finds an eyewear brand she likes, she reps it hard. Her latest sunglass obsession.

06Selena Gomez Always Sticks

Selena Gomez knows what to wear and how to wear it (we can't remember the last time we've done the bad kind of double take with her). And for that, we are jealous and congratulatory. So that's why we've opted to sing our praises.


Wear Matching Sunglasses

You know what they say: Couples who dress together, stay together. Just kidding no one says that. But, we have an inkling it's true ever since seeing Zayn and Gigi Hadid wear matching his-and-hers shades last month. You may be used to seeing the couple in coordinating looks on the red carpet or on social media, but even when they're apart, their sunglasses keep them together.

Fashion Glasses

Retro Sunglasses

One of the worst Instagram scenarios is stumbling across someone's outfit you absolutely love, only to realize they didn't credit any of the pieces they're wearing. Every night this week, that's exactly what's happened to me. I've scrolled past an array of It Girls wearing those perfect.

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J.Lo Glasses Back?

These sunglasses are insane; there's no getting around that. But, before you freak out, hear me out. In the early 2000s, celebrities rocked huge, wrap-around or "shield" sunglasses. Usually, the lenses were colored (sometimes, they featured a smokey gradient), and they were always in-your-face aggressive.

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