Summer Shades

Sunglasses can be hard to buy online. You order them, they come to your door, you rip them out of the box, throw them on your face, and run to the mirror, thinking something along the lines of, please be love at first sight. Unfortunately, more often than not, the love is lost; the frames are either too small, too large, or too (insert adjective here).

I know that sounds pretty bleak, but I promise there is a light at the end of the tunnel (which will definitely require UV protection). With all the problems that come along with buying new shades online, they are a key item (your eyes really do need protection, especially in the summer, and sunnies are one of the best accessories for instantly sprucing up an outfit). So, in case of a future scratch, poor fit, or an oops I sat on them again moment, why not opt for a pair that looks high-end, but actually costs you next to nothing? Click through to find a ton of frames that will bring you life and leave you feeling totally fine if when they get smushed.

Phone, keys, wallet...sunglasses. It's no secret that most of us can't leave the house without the essentials — shades included. Regardless of how many pairs we've already racked up, a new set of frames (especially come summertime) can feel like a lifesaver. And that's because they serve up so much practical use beyond eye protection. They can take any outfit to the next level, acting as a statement piece that stands out front and center. Given their many talents, it's time to give your usual hardworking black ones a rest in exchange for something a little less expected.

So, in honor of National Sunglasses Day, consider this Monday an opportunity to treat yourself to a totally justified new pair. Whether you're due for a replacement cat-eye or could use something bold to take you through the rest of your summer plans, click on for 15 shades we're eyeing at the moment.

Rihanna's been two for two with her fashion collaborations. Her partnerships with Puma (multiple styles of which have sold out) and Manolo Blahnik have been both buzzy and quantifiably successful. Unsurprisingly, she's not slowing down. Turns out RiRi has been working on yet another big-ticket pair-up — this time with Dior — and teasing it on Instagram.

Earlier this week, the performer posted a candid paparazzi shot on Instagram, with the caption: "When you reppin da PHUCK out yo own shit!" In the image, we see her decked out in Fenty ready-to-wear and sneakers...but what about those Dior sunnies? They're not the easily identifiable, mega-popular So Reals. We know she's been a face of the brand — but did she have anything to do with those reflective shades? Yes.

A Dior representative confirmed with Refinery29 that Rihanna's futuristic-looking sunglasses are, in fact, part of an upcoming eyewear collaboration. And this particular RiRi fashion project hasn't exactly been a secret: She spoke briefly about a partnership with Dior, as well as her capsule with Manolo Blahnik, in her April Vogue cover story. But everything's been kept relatively under wraps on the French brand's front. (They're probably a tad busy, in the midst of a designer reshuffle and all.) All we knew was that Bad Gal and Dior were releasing some co-branded sunglasses, and that we should be excited.

Today, more details — and a first look at imagery — have emerged. The collection is simply titled "Rihanna" (in case there were any doubts of who dreamt up the sunnies). There's one style — a sleek, symmetrical metallic frame inspired by Dior's eyewear archives and Star Trek — to be sold in a variety of colors, including silver, pink, blue, green, red and gold-plated.

This is technically RiRi's second creative collab with the brand: The singer worked alongside Steven Klein on the luxury label's Secret Garden IV campaign (comprised of a photo shoot and a short film) last year, WWD reports. Still, this type of pair-up, where a celebrity or brand spokesperson dabbles in design, is somewhat unusual for a luxury label — in fact, the honor has never been bestowed upon any of Dior's longtime ambassadors, per WWD.

You can get your hand on a pair at Dior stores starting in early June. But brace yourself — they'll set you back a pretty penny. Prices start at $840, with a 24-karat gold-plated iteration going for $1,950. You better work, work, work, work, work on your savings.