Selena Gomez Always Sticks

Selena Gomez knows what to wear and how to wear it (we can't remember the last time we've done the bad kind of double take with her). And for that, we are jealous and congratulatory. So that's why we've opted to sing our praises to her five greatest fashion hits — which don't just make her a head-turner, but are easy enough to copy ourselves.

Just as Gigi Hadid has her bomber jackets and Kim Kardashian has her body-con dresses, Gomez has her own staple trends that work for her time and time again. From chokers to sunglasses to near-transparency, the 24-year-old singer clearly has her go-to looks down. And she's also proved that there's no shame in outfit-repeating, especially when you look as killer in these trends as she does.

We've broken down her favorite key trends (this can also double as your 2017 shopping list, because #goals). Ahead, see how to channel your inner Gomez, or at least justify the purchase of more chokers than you wore in middle school and high school combined.

Selena has a penchant for '60s-inspired sunglasses, which she’s been seen wearing while en route to casual events like the Met Gala red carpet. Don’t let the frame shape fool you — while a lot of us subscribe to the idea that certain faces only work with certain frames, that’s a lie and a terrible one. Plus, you can shell out whatever you want for this type of accessory. If you’re like me and lose sunglasses faster than you do umbrellas, throw down $10 for a pair of generic or second-hand frames. Or, if you’re a responsible adult, invest a little more. The brighter the tint, the better.

Channeling her inner John Lennon, the pop star arrives in Tokyo sporting a red-tinted version of her favorite frames (and $665 Vetements sweatpants, of course).

I know that for some of us, flared jeans evoke memories of the worst clothes of 2006, but take a breath and join me on this journey: If you want to embrace the majesty of Selena Gomez, your pants must be of the wide-legged sort. Whether in red Armani or a white Versace pantsuit, girlfriend has strayed from the skinny, tapered jean narrative. And she's always paired her pants with pumps or high-heeled sandals. But know this: Like Selena, you can keep your look simple and chill with a white T-shirt or tank top.

We envy Selena's ability to keep an all-white jumpsuit clean while strutting the streets of New York City. Then again, she's probably just walking from her limo to the sidewalk.

Take it from Selena: Black, flared pants are a wardrobe essential. Pair them with heels, sneakers, or boots — and you'll look polished and sophisticated.

Selena Gomez dresses solely to help us dress ourselves. Or at least that’s what I tell myself when entering any accessories store and buying my weight in Gomez-like choker necklaces. Because the thing about the singer is that she makes accessorizing and outfitting easy: She consistently seems to know how a necklace or two can up the ante if an outfit needs to seem a little less casual. And her array of chokers serves to either make the likes of a pantsuit seem less conservative or add dimension to a bodysuit or slip dress. Plus, it's an excuse for the rest of us to relive the greatest trend of our middle school years.

Flared pants, cutouts, chokers... This red-hot red-carpet look combines three out of five of Selena's favorite trends.

If anyone can convince us that the choker trend should survive into the New Year, it's our girl Selena. Here, her accessories transform her casual ensemble into a nighttime-appropriate look.

Yes, Selena Gomez’s go-to sheer numbers are mostly reserved for her live shows, but thanks to the way she wears them with bodysuits, she's succeeded in proving you can adopt either trend anytime, anywhere. (Or: How I choose to justify why I won’t stop buying sheer shirts or bodysuits and wearing them at family events.) In March, she layered a sheer overlay on a very delicate dress without overwhelming it. She went on to use lace to embrace fall and winter’s Victorian trend during the last of her 2016 performances.